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hello my name is jonas,

my favorite website is youtube

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about me

I like to play video games, basketball, tennis, football, reading, playing with my sister and playing with my friends. I also like to work on editing the imaging and data science lab page (link below). I am 10 years of age and I get emails from my dad telling me what to do. Sometimes I copy and paste things and sometimes I rewrite things it's really fun!

imaging and data science lab!!

I was born in Pittsburgh PA and my birthday is June 4th. When I was seven I moved to Virginia. Right now I am out of school but when I go back in I will go to the fifth grade at brownsville and next year I am going into henley middlel school. It is right next to brownsville. I hope one day I will get a job like my dad's and teach other students how to code html and stuff. I also want to be a proffetional basketball or tennis player when I get older.

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